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Notwithstanding the legal aspects, going through separation and divorce is not an easy process. In addition to financial strain, the process of separation or divorce can be mentally and emotionally challenging.

If children are involved, it becomes more complicated and stressful. You may sense the family law process as arduous and daunting.

DUVADIE Law is there to legally advise and assist you. As a Family Lawyer, it is our hope that our Legal Professional Services in Family Law will make things smoother for you.

As a Family Lawyer, we can defend and assert your legal rights in your family law matter.

If you are seeking family law help to protect your interests in child custody, access, support; spousal support; division of property; separation agreement and divorce, please consult DUVADIE Law at (613) 701-0505 or by filling out Contact Us form as soon as possible so that we can begin working on your behalf.