• Privacy Laws and Policies

  • Criminal Charges and Privacy 

  • Cyber Crime

  • Data Mining

  • Defamation Litigation

  • Digital Privacy

  • Employer Privacy Obligations 

  • Employee Privacy Rights

  • Freedom of Speech and Expression  

  • Internet of Things, its uses and implications 

  • International Jurisdiction Issues 

  • Police Surveillance of Digital Lives

  • Police and Government Agencies Data Requests 

  • Privacy Litigation - Breach of Privacy 

  • Right to Remain Anonymous 

  • Search and Seizure of digital lives (i.e. media, computer data, cell phone data, etc.)

  • Software and Apps uses and its implications  

  • Social Media uses and its implication

  • Video Games, Online Multiplayer uses and its implications

DUVADIE Law is focusing its efforts on Data Protection, Privacy and Security and how it relates to individuals, companies and government agencies.

DUVADIE Law advises individuals, companies and governments on implementation of Data Protection, Privacy and Security.

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