Why Choose Canada for your Studies?

Canada should be in the picture among other destination for students looking to study and gain experience away from home (i.e. aboard).

Canada can provide students from aboard unique North American experience. Canada is a bilingual democratic country where the two official languages are English and French.

Here are couple of benefits of choosing Canada to study:

1.   Canada’s education is among the best in the world. And it costs less than comparable American Education. That means you would have more money left for yourself.

2.   Canada is stable democratic country modelled after British Parliamentary system. The elections and changes of the government happens smoothly. So, no disruption to education.

3.   It is a big country to explore – in fact it is the second largest country in the world. There are six time zones in Canada. And it takes close to 6 hours and 28 minutes to fly from St. John to Vancouver. So, there is lots to see and do in Canada.

4.   Canada has strong gun control laws meaning one would feel much safer in Canada roaming about and going to places. Or, just hanging out.

5.   If you like nature and clean air, then you are in for a treat. Canada has close to 35 million people even thought it is second largest country in the world. So, there are many open spaces (that is lakes, forests, mountains.). This means you can spend your time skiing, camping, hiking, canoeing or simply partying in cool cities like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.

6.   May be, you will love it here so much, you decide to stay in Canada after your studies. Then, in that case, you would have already known Canada. Further Canada favours foreign students who have had Canadian experience.

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